Friday, April 14, 2017

Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects - Salesforce Tower SF Pt. 2

Pier 70 rooftops and towers. 10-10-2016
Distant view framed by tree along the bayshore. 12-21-2016

Defunct shipyard crane. 10-11-2016

Sunset light bursting through storm clouds. 10-28-2016 from Potrero Hill

Cranes and more cranes. 12-21-2016
Rainy night. 1-4-2017
Clearing morning fog. 3-9-2017 from Potrero Hill
Getting ready for the last pieces of steel. 3-29-2017

St. Ignatius and Mt. Diablo. 2-15-2017
Far off city. 11-7-2016 south of SFO

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