Thursday, April 17, 2014

Hot Riveted & Boxed Steel Beams

Altho' the bike/pedestrian path along the south side of the new SF/Oakland Bay Bridge Eastern Span offers outstanding views of the old cantilevered structure, I will sure miss the criss cross lattice-like beams and the texture of the millions of hot rivets. That will all be gone before you know it so get yourself out there!

AEROVANTAGE comes to the service of both 
Art & Commerce!

"In order to gather the raw material to do this, I hired my friends at Aerovantage -- Steve Unze
 and Henrik Kam -- to come and take pictures from an elevated perspective."

Read the entire Huffington Post story here:
John Seed in Conversation with Sandra Mendelsohn Rubin:
Sandra Mendelsohn Rubin

Monday, April 14, 2014

CSIS - Center for Strategic and International Studies 
in Washington, DC
Photographed for Hickok Cole Architects.

The Salon Doré 
The Legion of Honor - Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco

The 1780's French interior was completely dis-assembled, restored to its former glory and re-installed in a historically correct configuration. I photographed it for Martin Chapman's book "The Salon Doré From The Hotel De La Trémoille"

Photographed over the past 15 years 
Revisiting Bldg. 102 last week inspired me to pull together a selection of photographs I have made inside the historical buildings as part of my "Ballpark to Ballpark - The SF Bayfront Project". Big changes are happening to this area via the capable efforts of Orton Development, Forest City and the local activist community.
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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Building 102 at Pier 70, San Francisco


This 100year old, light-filled building is still home to the massive compressors (idle for years) which supplied air for the shops and tools of the sprawling shipyard complex at the foot of Protrero Hill, San Francisco.

 Beautifully made wood patterns for creating molds.
 Motor and flywheel detail
 I like how the needle looks like the Eiffel tower
 The gantry crane runs the length of the building
 "Butter Balls" - I think not.
 I made a picture similar to this a dozen years ago and not much has changed!
 "Hull Black Enamel"

 A restaurant is a likely future use of the space.
 The hum and vibration when all 4 compressors were running must have been terribly impressive!
Image made 2002 using color neg film. Sign is gone now.