Sunday, April 13, 2014

Building 102 at Pier 70, San Francisco


This 100year old, light-filled building is still home to the massive compressors (idle for years) which supplied air for the shops and tools of the sprawling shipyard complex at the foot of Protrero Hill, San Francisco.

 Beautifully made wood patterns for creating molds.
 Motor and flywheel detail
 I like how the needle looks like the Eiffel tower
 The gantry crane runs the length of the building
 "Butter Balls" - I think not.
 I made a picture similar to this a dozen years ago and not much has changed!
 "Hull Black Enamel"

 A restaurant is a likely future use of the space.
 The hum and vibration when all 4 compressors were running must have been terribly impressive!
Image made 2002 using color neg film. Sign is gone now.

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