Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects - Salesforce Tower SF Pt. 3

From the kayak. 10-23-2017
It's a new year and as of early January 2018 the Salesforce Tower construction is completed and work on fitting out the interior is progressing rapidly. The Jim Campbell light installation, set to crown the building will become the tallest piece of public art on Earth, and covering the top 150' will be visible from anywhere in San Francisco and beyond.  
Here's a look back at 2017 in no particular order! 
San Francisco skyline from just south of SFO. 11-7-2017

 Giants home game at AT&T Park. 4-15-2017

Evening fog rolling in seen from Potrero Hill. 5-22-2017
New construction in SOMA. 4-8-2017
At Howard and 2nd St. 4-23-2017
From the Marin Headlands. 4-12-2017
The Salesforce cloud. 4-14-2017
Cloudscape and tower. 4-25-2017

Contemplating the Transbay Transit Center. 4-25-2017
Old railroad ferry dock ramp-lift. 4-27-2017

Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects - Salesforce Tower SF Pt. 3 cont.

The terrible fires in the wine country created smoky conditions. From Potrero Hill. 10-9-207
From Treasure Island a couple of days later. 10-13-2017
Lit up for Dreamforce. 11-7-2017
Reflected. 4-27-2017

Top of Potrero Hill. 5-18-2017

Early fall fog coming in from the Bay. 11-24-2017

Setting sun reflections on the summer fog. 5-22-2017

Timothy Pfluger Pacific Telephone building. 6-6-2017

Ducking behind the Linkedin bldg. 6-15-2017

Sunset from the Marin Headlands. 11-29-2017

Drama in the sky from Potrero Hill. 6-16-2017

Folsom Street construction. 4-23-2017

Mission Bay residential. 12-18-2017

Warehouse #6 and Pier 70 crane from the shoreline. 1-1-2018

Looking up Pennsylvania Ave. 8-29-2017

Framed by the cranes at the Chase Center. 10-7-2017