Monday, April 18, 2011

Hidden Alcatraz - The Fortress Revealed

 The recently published book brings together images from a diverse group of photographers who participated in special behind-the-scenes workshops organized by The PhotoAlliance. Multi-day and overnight trips granted them unique access to this notorious and popular "rock" in the middle of the San Francisco Bay; the result is a collection of rarely if ever seen views taken at all hours of the day. has the book in stock

 The book opens with an image I made from the ferry evoking the romantic and historical aspects of Alcatraz.
 The workshops offered access to most corners of the prison as well as the roof of the main cellblock. Up there you really get the feeling of being isolated in the middle of it all!
The prison was fully contained with medical clinics. My image on the right shows the west facing shop floor of the old Industries bldg. where the inmates made who-knows-what.

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